Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

The content of this exam will be updated on May 20, 2020. Please download the skills measured document below to see what will be changing.

Candidates for this exam are Microsoft Azure security engineers who implement security controls, maintain the security posture, manage identity and access, and protect data, applications, and networks. Candidates identify and remediate vulnerabilities by using a variety of security tools, implement threat protection, and respond to security incident escalations. As a Microsoft Azure security engineer, candidates often serve as part of a larger team dedicated to cloud-based management and security and may also secure hybrid environments as part of an end-to-end infrastructure.

Candidates for this exam should have strong skills in scripting and automation; a deep understanding of networking, virtualization, and cloud N-tier architecture; and a strong familiarity with cloud capabilities, Microsoft Azure products and services, and other Microsoft products and services.

Part of the requirements for: Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate

Related exams: none

Important: See details

Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/az-500

Skills measured

  • The content of this exam will be updated on May 20, 2020. Please download the exam skills outline below to see what will be changing.
  • Manage identity and access (20-25%)
  • Implement platform protection (35-40%)
  • Manage security operations (15-20%)
  • Secure data and applications (30-35%)

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